Billing & Reimbursement

Do you know your DSO (Days Sales Outstanding)?

Are you missing revenue through coding errors and missing case-mix diagnosis?

Are you growing and wondering “why can’t we seem to make any money?”

Do your billing staff understand the process and regulatory requirements?

Overpayments, billing errors, increasing accounts receivable, and ADRs are among the issues threatening the livelihood of home care agencies today. Now, more than ever, it is critical to your agency’s success that your billing and billing process be timely, thorough and accurate. Healthcare Management Solutions has extensive experience in all areas of billing & reimbursement and has worked extensively with fiscal intermediaries. HMS expert advice helps our clients maximize agency resources and successfully turn around problematic situations.

Our services include:

  • Billing accuracy for maximum reimbursement
  • Reducing Accounts Receivable
  • Reducing Days Sales Outstanding
  • Claims submission
  • Charge / visit entry
  • Precertification/ prior authorization
  • Billing outsourcing
  • Tracking claims for collections
  • ADR processing
  • Medicare online access


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